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Thanks for coming by. My name is Scott Campbell and I started this blog on a whim in September 2004. It took a year-long hiatus beginning in July 2007. I restarted it while I was in Oaxaca, Mexico in August 2008 as a place to post translations and observations about the social movement there. As I don’t have the time or interest to blog consistently, I continue to use it mainly as a space for posting my translations, as well as throwing up some quick notes every now and then.

Many people ask about the name of the blog. I chose “Angry White Kid” as it seemed an accurate description of what I was - and am. I’m angry at matters of systemic injustice and oppression, which is why I identify as an anarchist. I feel it is important to note my racial construction in an attempt to both identify and oppose white privilege. And when I started this thing I was 23, so that’s the kid part.

I’ve organized with groups in Connecticut, New York, California and Mexico and on the internet collaborate with comrades at El Enemigo Común, Axis of Logic, and the Oaxaca Study-Action Group. As well as those locations, I’ve been published on CounterPunch, Monthly Review Zine, ZNet, Dissident Voice, Rebelión, and elsewhere.

I’m always open to working with others on projects, translations, etc., so please feel free to send me a note at angrywhitekid [at] And if you’d like, you can follow me on Twitter.