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July 27, 2005


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Big tough Scott. He's so much more progressive than "those people" who benefit from exploited labor.

As if you don't too, you tool.

It only gets worse. Dan Spitzer, a travel writer who often writes back-up for Gertz (the not-so dynamic duo), wrote a letter published in the current issue -july 26- of daily planet (see link below) complaining that the Planet stereotypes Jewish people, namely that Jews have control over the political process. In fact, it was Gertz who believes in the myth that he has super powers, that he alone can decide who wins or loses.
Spitzer goes on in his letter, for reasons only he will know, that the real problem is minorities and bad parenting that leads to violence.
Just blaming the victim and diverting the attention to something else.

Sounds like Gertz and Spitzer indeed wish they could dictate to the entire Berkeley community how it should think and act - what discussions and views are acceptable and which ones aren't.

One wonders why they don't run for office then. I guess it's just easier to threaten people.

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