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May 18, 2007


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Thanks for writing about this and bringing attention to it.

Do you mind if I rest here in comments for a minute? I've been weeding through Who-Hit-John comments at DailyKos. If I owned a gun I would seriously consider using it right now.

Haven't felt this way since Kerry lost.

You got it completely right. I don't want to rehash the whole thing. Can't say it any better than you have here.

I do read DailyKos because I do get a lot of my edumacation there. And I find it incredible that the same spirit of information sharing doesn't work on the subject of Palestine.

What really toasts my cookies is that the people with the absolute worst reasoning on the planet are the ones who made the successful case for banning to the management.

I understand the thin line between elections and the public's ability to do nuance, but what I don't understand is why -- with the world at war over the proposition that the United States should be able to stick Israel up anyone's ass at any time - it's so hard to understand why justice in Palestine relates to American poltics.

Just don't get it. Are the dots that far apart?

I'm in between blogs right now, so I threw up my dkos link.

Now I'm really in between blogs. I just got banned for sticking up for the banned bloggers.

Can I hang out here? I don't eat much and I'm good at checkers!

Sure, you can hang out here. I don't have diaries and am the only poster here, but feel free to kick it in the comments.

liberate palestine!

Hi - I wrote that DKos post you linked to.

If anyone's still interested - two of the banned posters (umkahlil and Sabbah) remain banned. One - a long-time Jewish peace activist - was allowed to return, on the condition that her 'apology letter' be published. Unsurprisingly, she has not posted anything else there since (although she may in the future).

FWIW - in my view the problem is that there is a caucus of diarists there (who self-apply the "pro-Israel" label) who's main goal, really, is to just stifle or distort the debate. They fire off god knows how many emails to the admins complaining about every tiny little infraction made or not made by a "pro-Palestine" poster and, finally, the admins have got fed up. This statement from Hunter, one of the admins, says it all:

"Second, I believe this demonstrates why every single new pro-Palestinian poster in these threads is going to be presumed guilty until proven innocent, from here on in. I ain't gonna screw around trying to invent elaborate ways of detecting this clown, I'm just going to ban anyone that sounds vaguely like him. I don't have the kind of time in my day necessary to worry about any more "fair" solution, and no inclination. If that results in his side of the discussion being completely wiped from the site except for already well-established posters, then frankly I'm having a hard time getting all teary-eyed about that." [my emphasis]

I got banned a year ago for complaining about the censorship and using censorship of 9/11 conspiracy theories as an example. I haven't been back to Daily Kos since, and, frankly, I don't miss it. The atmosphere there was oppressive. The quote by Daily Kos founder Markos above pretty much sums it up: Daily Kos "is a Democratic blog with one goal in mind: electoral victory." Conformity is highly praised, and questioning and free thought are not. Not a very appealing environment, if you ask me.

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