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October 29, 2008


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Carmen Aristegui of CNN en Español (fired by Calderón's brother-in-law from W Radio (Prisa) after giving a voice to those who suggested the (grotesquely irregular) 2006 elections may not have been on the up and up) made a point of highlighting the extreme level of violence against independent journalists in Mexico while accepting a prize from the Columbia J-school recently.

The worst of it, I thought (I try to follow the story) was the way Televisa and Azteca radio and TV lent themselves body and soul to the state government as disinformation channels.

Broadcasting that Brad Will (New Yorker and journalist) was armed when killed by PRI paramilitaries, for example.

Terrorist death squads killing fellow New Yorkers and not getting brought to justice: Nothing makes me paler with fury myself, Angry White Guy.

We see a lot of similar things here in Brazil, They call it "coronelismo eletrônico" -- your local news is a ventriloquist's dummy for your local political caudillo. Journalists, whose job security is very precarious, get black-balled if they don't go along.

Nasty dynamic. Watching this sort of thing unfold in other people's countries makes you realize how important it is to try to stem rampant media concentration back home in the Land of the Free Lunch.

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